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WonderValueWorld / WunderWertVoll Initiative - Partner of Jungle Beach Camp Volunteering Project

For more and more people, it is important to establish the link between SENSE and VALUES: What makes us really rich? The numbers on the bank account? The number of shoes in the closet? Or - to give ourselves and others? Or - to set impulses and create values, to give others the opportunity to grow and develop?

In many talks in advance of our workshops, we have considered what we can contribute to not only imparting knowledge and experiences in our workshops, but also really flowing values ​​and creating abundance for people. And - as it is so beautiful - who is looking for, who finds!

In August 2012 we met with Barbara Kainz from Sri Lanka here in Munich and we started a new value-creating project!

The small project has meanwhile become an international initiative in 2016 with the wonderful name "WunderWertVoll".

WUNDER (WONDER) - because miracles always happen when people move together.

WERT (VALUE) - we move values ​​in form of donations and relief goods and create values ​​for people who receive these goods.

VOLL (WORLD) - stands for abundance. We create abundance in the form of joy, health, courage and gratitude.

On our blog you will find some articles about what we are doing and how many great partners are already working with us (its in German language).

In all our actions, we follow our mission:

With people - From people - For people

We are looking for and taking over the following donations (it is part of Jungle Beach Camp Volunteering Project):

Orthoses (assistants, rails for knees, feet, hands)

Eyeglass frames (with and without glasses)

Hearing Aids

Other medical devices and dressing material on inquiries.

If you are interested in our WunderWertVoll initiative, you also have used, well-preserved and functional "treasures" and would like to join us, please write us.

We look forward to you!

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