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Retreat (English Version)

October 2019

YOUvolution Retreat

Transform for Breakthrough

Ayurveda by Nature


Why is?

For the best preparation and the decisive contribution to the upcoming Breakthrough (Breakthrough / Event) - Personal and planetary!

  • Live your mission!

  • Share your heart energy

  • Cleanse and balance your physical body!

  • Harmonize your energy system (chakras, meridians, aura)!

  • Learn to use the increasingly occurring high energy frequencies for you!

  • Erase and master frequency hick-ups, implant programming and sequence attacks!

  • Prepare for the time after Breakthrough!

  • Let yourself be lovingly guided by your Higher Self (soul)! Trust yourself!


How does it work?

In addition to the very special YOUvolution Festival, the YOUvolution Intensive Workshop, the YOUvolutiion Retreat focuses on actively involving your wonderful body in the change and trusting your inner guidance.

The key is to put all your fragments back together into your real self - for freedom, joy of life, and power.

Sri Lanka offers a powerful place in the middle of nature under palm trees by the sea, directly on the unlimited horizon. You are in a protected space, created by like-minded people, lovingly designed for your self-development - for personal YOUvolution.


Ayurveda by Nature offers 3 unique components that you can put together according to your wishes:


Ayurvedic treatments

Ayurveda is the ancient knowledge and science of life, explored over millennia by observing nature and its natural balance. This balance, which we all have fundamentally in us, is permanently disturbed by many external influences.

Here we come back to nature. Sri Lanka, the special place right on the kilometer-long sandy beach, provides everything to remember your body's intelligence and to activate the self-healing forces, so that the natural balance is restored. Sri Lanka, the pearl in the Indian Ocean, the place with the lowest earth gravity on earth !!!! Ready for take off!


Who makes the consultations and treatments?



Dr. Vidyarathna and Dr. Sudesh treat with their exceptional skills and knowledge. Dr. Vidyarathna has received his knowledge of generations from early childhood. He is an inspiring person who immediately gets the point and not only conducts the consultations, but also applies his own "magical hands" to rebalance the energies in body, mind and soul. Dr. Sudesh and his team have years of experience in all the wonderful Ayurvedic treatments.


You can choose between different options:


>> Breakthrough Ayurveda (intensive)

Daily at least 2-3 hours Ayurveda intensive

Doctor consultations and possibly acupuncture incl.

For 70.00 euros per day


>> Ayurveda Bliss (light)

Gentle and intensive Ayurveda treatments daily to balance the body energies and increase the self-healing power, at least 1 hour daily

Doctor consultations and possibly acupuncture incl.

For 30,00 Euro per day


Individual applications very flexible and can be booked as desired.


Transform for Breakthrough - Coaching Sessions

It is challenging, sometimes sky high, super exciting, unpredictable, no more stone on the other, all the junk comes up, indescribable moments of happiness alternating with emotional crashes, a lot of activated knowledge, disclosures that are unbelievable ...... and then again and again the question What am I doing here, what's next and what do I really want?

All fields of human existence are involved in each one of us - partnership, family, job, money, health, sense (spirituality)

You have the freedom to design everything yourself, to eliminate old things, to bring them into healing, to let go, to align yourself with the new, to create the new one yourself and to use your strength of heart and your free will.


What can you do and how do we support you?

Individual coaching session in which you can unfold yourself, bring your body and soul back in line and get a lot of implementation help

3 sessions à 2 hours 220, 00 Euro (special package, bookable in advance)

1 session per hour 40,00 Euro (can be booked directly on location)

Group coaching in which general and current topics are discussed and from which you can take your corresponding impulses.

1 session à 3 hours 60,00 Euro (can be booked on location if required)


Who does the coaching sessions?

Annette is a transformer and free spirit and well versed in personal and planetary breakthrough topics. For 20 years she has been involved in transformation processes in international organizations worldwide. She accompanies people in their very individual self-liberation