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Flying into your Power


07.08 - 08.08.2018

With ease and clarity into your own system

The intensive seminar


What is YOUvolution?

  • YOUvolution is the power package for achieving and harmonizing your own vibration frequency and is used to     activate your full potential!

  • YOUvolution supports the playful empowerment of the individual self!

  • YOUvolution is sound, color, movement, energy, light and love


Pure live creation!

Pure breakthrough!

Pure joy of life!


What can you experience and take with you and what are the essential contents?


What can you expect?

YOUvolution experience and playfully creation of your own evolution. To activate the individual power and strength potentials and to accept the own creative power. Pure living creation!

It also involves recognizing perceptual patterns and experiencing how the collective and self-made pitfalls are linked and how they can be cut off. Pure breakthrough!

On this base, find the key to your own balance and the associated vibration frequency to live creatively, easily and joyfully. Pure joy of life!


What can you experience and take home?

• The planetary and universal secrets of YOUvolution

• Recognize and experience your unique and excellent authenticity

• Feel and store your power source: your presence

• Practical methods and techniques to shape your evolution

• Self-Exemption and Self-Creation: "Free of" means "free for"!

• Many unique experiences from the combination of sound, movement, creativity, the power source of nature         and humanity

• Reflection, relaxation, chill-out & wonderful surprises

• Ticket for take off: from 3D to 5D - the perfect preparation for the breakthrough / event


What are the essential contents?

• Getting to know and applying the YOUvolution POWERTools

• Crop your own evolution with the help of transformation elements

• Reflection of typical evolutionary fallbacks in your life

• Reflection and change of one's own patterns of perception

• Recognize how information and energy influence one's own development

• Harmonizing of female and male energies in your own body

• Enjoy a balanced body through special and simple physical exercises

Opening of your own evolutionary space through deep relaxation during gong meditations

• Learn how beautiful it is to be with yourself, to do things that are just fun, to keep balancing and to activate           your own energies

• Connect with others - fly & chill together


07-08.08.2018 (beginning 10:00 am / end 6:00 pm optional dinner) Directly following the YOUvolution festival.


Jungle Beach Camp, Ahungalla, Sri Lanka


What is the value?

• € 280,00 (early bird until 01.05.2018) Then € 330,00 for the 2-day YOUvolution Experience Workshop directly at      the beach under palm trees


Registration for Sri Lanka

WhatsApp or phone: +94 (0) 775959406


We will then gladly create registration confirmation and invoice.

Requests to:

Bernhard Akula,, Tel. +49 (0) 9951 601620

Annette Moench,, Tel. +49 (0) 151 17442745