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Beachvolleyball at Jungle Beach Ahungalla
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Ahungalla Beach
Jungle Beach Ahungalla Beach
Deluxe Bungalow



Draw yourself a picture of paradise.

Watch the sunlight dance along the fronds of the towering palms. Ditch the concrete and tarmac for sand and sea. Some say the air is clearer here - perfect for sunrise meditation and sunset mocktails. 

Jungle Beach Ahungalla can be found on the shores of a quaint costal town in the South of Sri Lanka, far removed from the clamor of everyday life and surrounded by wild, lush greenery. Here is a place where you can escape at all for a while, and cultivate a brand new routine with your own wellbeing at the heart of it. 

Here, your getaway - filled with calmness and excitement, new experiences and classic comforts - will inspire you anew and bring you closer to those you love.

Here is where you will rediscover the vitality that makes you who you are. 

At Jungle Beach Camp Ahungalla, get ready to raise your energy...




Body and mind relaxing Yoga, indulging in the comfort of a Spa, spending hours watching the blue waves crashing under a warm tropical sun, lying on an undisturbed beach, savouring natural food like you’ve never experienced through our adventure cooking programs. When you feel like a high energy activity, we take a pride in hosting Beachvolleyball Camps that gives you an instant energy boost. 

What more is there for a perfect holiday?

Ahungalla Beach

Living in Nature


Deluxe Bungalow

45 m2   max. 6 pax

Deluxe Bungalow

Classic Room

25 m2 max. 3 pax

Classic Rooms

Standard Bungalow

35 m2 max. 4 pax

Standard Bungalow 

Ahungalla Beach

Special Offers


You are a Yoga- & Meditation Coach, Personal Coach, Seminar Leader, Outdoor professional and like the idea to share your qualities with your guests in Sri Lanka? Feel free to contact us, anytime.


We offer our place exclusively for you and your group with our four beautifully designed glamping bungalows and two Classic Rooms, on request with fresh & healthy food, professional traditional ayurvedic treatments, surfing lessons, friendly service and much more.



Come and enjoy a wonderful candle light dinner at the beach before you fall asleep in the nature with the nature. We offer local and international options for any kind of culinary wishes and needs for our valued guests